Building a community of support for survivors of political violence and torture

Through our community partnerships, our goal is to support survivors overcome the legacy of oppression and live with dignity.

Victoria Coalition for Survivors of Torture

What we do

We collaborate with health professionals, social service agencies, immigrant settlement workers and the broader community to ensure that the needs of survivors of torture are recognized and met at all levels.

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Help us support survivors of torture in our community.

Upcoming events

VCST is currently working with documentary film making duo Geri Toth and Alexandra Dawley to prepare “After Arrival” a film about LGBTQIA+ survivors of torture who have navigated the refugee claim process in Canada and are now demonstrating inspiring community leadership. We look forward to launching this film in Victoria and Vancouver following the end of our COVID-19 self-isolation responsibility. As Kristi Pinderi, one of the incredible community leaders sharing his story describes: “There is a familiar storyline about LGBTQ+ newcomers: They escape, great people help them, and the “movie” ends in the airport with them being welcomed into this new country. But what feels like a happy ending is actually the start of a new life and we need to know more about what people face as refugees from day one.”